Second Trimester: 5 Ways to Survive Pregnancy

Its week 13, second trimester begins. Out of all 3 trimesters its probably going to be the most easiest for your partner and on you.

Symptoms ease up – food and smells aren’t as bad

Energy levels increase

Symptoms that may arise :-

Heartburn, constipation, sensitive gums, swelling of ankles or feet, congestion and snoring, leg cramp, dizzyness, abdomen pain.

Weight gain from increased appetite

Buy maternity clothes at this stage

Week 12 optional test down syndrome



Baby Proof Your Life

36%: injuries as a cause of fatality for children

$1.5 billion: cost of unintential injury and death annually

Is your child your most important asset? What would you do if they ever got hurt? Let alone, if it was preventatable? No parent ever wants to see their child in pain. Preventative injuries are higher amomg children compared with any other age group. Ill discuss x ways that will help :-

  • Make you aware of potential risks
  • Eliminate potential risks identified
  • Recognise the importance of safety

Leading causes of injuries or deaths:-

  • Motor vehicles (crash or driveways)
  • Drowning (particularly swimming pools)
  • Unsafe sleep environments
  • Strangulation/suffocation (entrapped in cabinet, blind cords)
  • Crush injuries (large objects)
  • 55% injury or death inside, 45% outside


Heights, space and structures are built for adult use and comfort so will present risks to children

Hopsitalisation usually from

Falls from nursery furniture, beds, chairs, and backyard equipment

Burns and scalds – hotdrinks, liquids, hot objects

Poisonings,medicines, cleaning chemicals

Vehicle accidents

Near drowning

Dog bites


Pedestrian injuries


Ways to solve

Stairs, cabinets, cords


Dad to Be: 8 Things to Look Forward For INFOGRAPH

Create below into an Infograph

Its week XX and im lookimg forward to the birth. Heres some things to look forward to :-

Daughters first phone bill

Daughters first party

Daughters first hangover

Daughters first boyfriend

Daughters first breakup

Daughters first TOTM (understand? If not, you’re better for it)

Daughters first formal

Healthy Baby: Kicking Bad Habits for Pregnancy

So you’re having a baby, and you’ve got bad habits. Now you need to look out for someone other then yourself. Although the significance is primarily on your wife, you play an important role in being a positive influence. Though the list may be somewhat obvious, our own ability as dads to be to avoid these habits is pivotal. Snapping out and making these lifestyle changes now not only benefits you, but helps set the perfect example once your baby’s born.

Blood pressure

Alcohol drugs
Junk food
Lack of sleep

Baby & Pets: How Safe is Baby at Home?

  • 63%: the number of Australian households that own a pet
  • 83%: the number of Australians whom have grown up with a pet
  • 33 million: the number of pets in Australia

Worried that your baby and pets won’t get along? Are you allergic to pets and concerned your baby may be too? You may love your pets as if they were your very own children. You may even see them as if they are your very own children! There is a 63% chance that you will be bringing your baby home to a household with at least one pet. That’s a high likelihood that you’ll have a challenge ahead of you. There is no need to worry though as I will discuss some extremely helpful tips throughout this post which may help you :-

  1. Create a peaceful and harmonious environment
  2. Maintain a peaceful, healthy and happy family home
  3. Ease the transition of your baby’s homecoming
  4. Speed up the development of your baby
  5. Strengthen your baby’s resistance to pet allergies

Preparing Your Home

Does your pet walk around as if they own the place? Chances are, your pet is territorial and may feel threatened by any ‘intruders’. Before your baby comes home, make sure you create a separate area for your pet. If your pets are outdoor only, then this won’t be an issue. If they are an indoor pet, then this will be extremely important.

  • Choose an area in your home and designate this as a separate space primarily for your pet e.g. a garage, spare room or laundry. This will act as a safe haven for your pet away from general areas
  • Create an ‘exclusion zone’ that is strictly off limits to your pets e.g. baby’s nursery, play areas, lounge room. This area should act as a safe haven for yourself and your baby in the event baby may have allergies.
  • Set up your home ready for baby about 3 months before arrival so your pets can familiarise themselves with new surroundings e.g. setting up furniture including baby cots, change tables or play areas.

Generally speaking, pets (specifically cats and dogs) take these changes well but it’s always important to be prepared. Pets are usually well stimulated with all the changes and it keeps them curious. Other pets may feel stressed, isolated and increasingly disconnected. Your preparations begin well before the birth of your baby. Formulating an action plan in preparing your home using the above will help you maintain harmony within your home.

Prepare Your Pet

Everybody wishes for a healthy baby. What’s just as important, are healthy pets. There is no point having a healthy baby around unhealthy pets. Before baby even comes home, take your pets to the vet first. As well as giving some sound advice, your vet can complete a health check on your pets. This will help to give that your baby can now be introduced to their new best friend and if there is an issue, this can be managed well before baby arrives.

  • Vet Visit
  • De-sexed
  • Cut nails


It will be anxious moments waiting to see how your pet reacts to baby coming home from the hospital for the first time. Introducing changes to your pet before baby arrives will help ease the transition and reduce the stress during a hectic period in your life.

  • Bring the blanket baby is wrapped in at hospital, home first to let your pets sniff at it and leave it around – pets can get extremely overwhelmed by smells
  • YouTube crying baby sounds in advance before bringing baby home – loud and new sounds will stress pets out and introducing these sounds will get them prepared


Studies have shown that infants living with dogs and cats helps to reduce the likelihood of allergies in children as they grow older by building an immunity early. Remember one thing though.


As much as you love your pets, your kids should always be your number one priority and your pets will have to get used to being second fiddle. By following the above tips you will help create a family home with a perfect balance. If you found this post helpful, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend, or sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. Thank you!


Dog specific

Parenting’s Expensive: 5 Unexpected Costs for Parents

Parenting’s Expensive: 5 Unexpected Costs for Parents

  • $812 000: the cost of raising 2 children
  • $170: a full day of childcare for 1 child
  •  $459 000: cost of a full private school education
  • $63 000: cost of a full public school education
  • 50% increase of costs in raising a kid from 2007 about the cost of raising kids? Stressed about how you’re going to pay for it all? Raising a kid is not child’s play … Like all parents, you want the best for your children. I’ll discuss the 5 unexpected costs which will help you :-

  1. Understand the costs you may not have thought about
  2. Preparing for when these costs come up
  3. Create the best possible environment to raise you child

Home Improvements

Have you thought about your babys safety? Every good parent will put this as the top of their list. You’re going to want to create a nursery, but don’t forget to make the rest of your house baby proof. :-

  • Remove any dangers in the house. Think dangerously sharp corners on furniture, slippery surfaces.
  • Make home improvements in stages. Spreading works across the 9 months will lesson the financial burden.
  • D.I.Y if you can do it. There’s no rush with projects as you have 9 months. Just make sure you get them done once you’ve committed.
  • Shop around and put it in time. Prices and quality vary greatly when you’re fitting out your nursery. Just make sure what you’re getting is safe.

Medical Expenses

You want your wife and baby to be healthy, right? Depending on where you live your local health system varies. Plan early whether youre going public or private.

  • – goverment will usually cover costs for screenings
    – research for places that do it for free

Unpaid Maternity Leave

This varies wherever you are. Maternity leave only lasts x months. Prepare how youll manage long term.

Feeding Expenses

Since 2007 the cost of raising kids has increased 50%, and wages have gone up 25%. Better yet, you’ve got an extra mouth to feed.


nutritional value of the food in relation to its price. Colas, chips, mass-produced refined foods and flavoured beverages have very little nutritional value but can cost even more than healthier alternatives

Buy produce when in season. Take advantage of coupons and specials

Buy food that’s tinned, dried or frozen – it may be considerably cheaper than the fresh version but equally nutritious. Keep your portion sizes under control to reduce food wastage.


Childcare Costs

A $170 a day for childcare? You need to earn a living. It’s inevitable that you’ll need to go back to work (unless you’re a stay at home dad).

  • Ask family to look after your children if possible. Ask baby’s grandparents if they are available to
  • Ask a trusted friend and work out an arrangement to look after baby

The Cost of Raising a Child in Australia

9 Ways Single Parents Can Avoid Financial Hardship After Divorce or Death

Announcing Pregnancy: Tips on When to Tell People You’re Expecting

We’re Having a Baby: When to Tell People You’re Pregnant

  • 5%: The chances of miscarriage after a heartbeat is found


  • So you’re pregnancy test has come up positive. So what next? As parents this will be the first major decision you will need to make. I will walkthrough some tips to help :-

    Make you aware of risks of telling too early



To tell people vs. not to?

By telling people, in the event something does go wrong you will have a full support network. If you prefer to go through things alone, then perhaps waiting until deep in your pregnancy is a better option.

Its hard to fake it through pregnancy especially with morning sickness. If you need help with morning sickness read here. By telling people early you get support earlier.

12 Week ‘Rule’

Generally speaking, 12 weeks into your pregnancy is the time people make the news public. As your partner enters her second trimester, the chances of a miscarriage dramatically reduce to x%.

  • Before going on social media make sure you’ve told close family and friends
  • Your wife will show at this point anyway

Tell your boss

  • Speak to your boss and let them know. You may need to take days off work with a realistic schedule
  • Research your works paternity leave etc.

Ways to tell

  • Say it with food
  • Younger sibling spread news
  • Drop hints
  • Tell people their new roles


Morning Sickness: 5 Ways to Help During Pregnancy

Morning Sickness: 5 Ways to Help During Pregnancy

  • 6 Weeks: The usual starting point of morning sickness symptoms
  • 70%-85%: the amount of woman who will experience morning sickness in pregnancy
  • 1%: amount of expectant mothers whom will require hospital treatment

Is your partner tired, headaches and vomiting? Be a gentleman and hold her hair back then. She’s probably pregnant and suffering from morning sickness. You’re going to be told you’re doing things wrong, when you’re definitely right. I’ll discuss 5 ways that will help you :-

  1. Better understand morning sickness
  2. The importance of help your partner during this time
  3. Reduce relationship stress

Be sympathetic
Let her know it won’t last long. Remind her for the reason for her pains.

Dont panic
Remember that she’ll go from feeling extremely hungry one minute, and then without eating, full the next. Plan toast or crackers usually do the trick.

Be prepared
Ask what you can do to help to be prepared for when it happens

Bite your tongue
When youre wrong, you’re wrong. When you’re right, you’re wrong. Just let it be. Your partners hormones will send her all over the place. Jist accept it, let it be and go with the flow. Just remember she is having a baby grow inside her.

Do the choirs
Just do all the choirs and no complaining. Its also unsafe for her to do some choirs (link to my article)

Parenting Basics: 25 Tips on How to Be a Dad

Parenting Basics: 25 Tips on How to Be a Dad

  • 120 million: number of children born each year
  • 33% of children don’t have a father figure at home
  • 70% of children in corrective services don’t have a father figure at home

Are you about to become a dad? Are you wanting to be the best dad you can be? Where do you start? Chances are you’re here because you want your child to be part of the other 2 in 3 children. I will speak about parenting basic tips that will help you:-

  • Become the best dad that you can be
  • Prepare for birth
  • Promote baby’s healthy development
  • Make your partner proud


  1. Find Helpful Parenting Resources

You’re off to a great start. Just by reading this article you’re showing your intent as a father. Information today is only a click (or a touch) away and there is a heap of knowledge and people whom are willing to help you along the way. Just like any job, you’re going to have a lot of questions and a lot of help and guidance while you’re in traini

ng. So who’s there to help you in your time of need?

  • Blogs and online communities
  • Friends & family with children
  • Your local GP or hospital
  • Community services departments
  • Parenting helplines


2. Learn to Hold Your Baby

Baby will enjoy your heartbeat, warmth and feel safe. How do you learn?

  • Mum knows best – just ask for help
  • YouTube ‘How to Hold a Baby’ videos
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Don’t be scared – just try it and it may come naturally


3. Connecting With Baby

Baby loves mum more. That’s the reality. Think about it, they have had 9 months to get to know each other You’ll  be playing catch up from the get go which is even more the reason to put in the effort.

  • Skin-to-skin contact with your baby
  • Hug your baby to the left side of your chest
  • Talk as much as possible in a reassuring tone and sing songs
  • Look into their eyes and make facial expressions
  • Be positive & smile – your baby will feel safe and secure


4. Changing nappy
Cloth vs disposable – create article
Stock up in advance – save money
Ensure newborn spec when born for umbilical stump
Have baby wipes, cotton wool , barrier creams,
Change before or after every meal
Make it fun

5. Feeding and burping
To burp hold baby upright and apply light pressure to stomach. Breastfed kids have fewer issues